Pv Tube Tr 27.5/650bx1.75-2.4 40mm
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Pv Tube Tr 27.5/650bx1.75-2.4 40mm

  • 27.5/650B
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We all love to stop and smell the roses, but like they say, every rose has its thorn. And as we all know, there's no better way to ruin a beautiful ride than with a thorn in the tube. No need to worry, though, because we designed our Thorn-Resistant Presta Valve Tubes to combat pesky pricks of all shapes and sizes.  

Starting at the basis of the construction, we designed the tube to be thicker at the outer side (the part against the tire) in order to stop pesky bits from puncturing all the way through the tube. Then, at the inner side (the part against the rim), it's actually thinner in order to reduce weight. This way, you don't have to sacrifice performance in the name of protection. Thicker construction on the outer side (against the tire) enhances puncture protection. Thinner construction on the inner side (against the rim) maximizes weight savings.

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